We have been working in the Ukrainian legal services market since 2010. The best proof of the quality of our services is our clients who have been cooperating with us all these years. They do not leave us in search of the best service - on the contrary, they recommend us to their friends and partners. For us, this is a sign that we are developing in the right direction!

Sloyev Nikolay

CEO of the Sloyev group of companies

Management and implementation of innovations in business processes, crisis management.

Business registration

Have you decided to start your own business? Or create a public organization, a charitable foundation, an association of citizens? Then your first step should be to register the organization in the manner prescribed by law.

SLOYEV Law Firm is ready to help you take this first step!

Registration is the first stone in the foundation of your business, and the stability of the entire structure depends on how professionally this stone is laid. Most often, business creators already at this stage make gross mistakes, which then lead to very sad consequences.

I often come across the fact that decisions on one form or another of the organization - LLC, state of emergency, sole proprietorship, joint-stock company - are made at random, simply because the accountant advised or was recommended by a friend. But an accountant and a friend are not lawyers, they cannot assess the legal consequences that this or that form of registration will entail. Even more mistakes occur when choosing a taxation model. The single tax, its groups, the general system, the payment of VAT - these combinations are sometimes difficult even for a specialist to understand. And here a disservice is often provided not only by the advice of friends, but, oddly enough, by the advice of lawyers. The fact is that lawyers often do not understand the specifics of a particular business and the intricacies of taxation and accounting of various operations. They will register everything you say, and you will have to disentangle it. The great advantage of the SLOYEV company is that we provide not only legal, but also accounting services. Therefore, when a client contacts us with the aim of registering his business, we first of all carefully analyze all the features of the future enterprise, not only from the legal side, but also from the point of view of accounting and taxation.

Such a comprehensive analysis allows us to offer the client the optimal form of registration of his business - both in terms of organization and in terms of the taxation system. The prospect of going through various bureaucratic procedures, filling out questionnaires and standing in lines outside the offices of officials can reflect any desire to do business. We are ready to take all these problems upon ourselves! And even if at some point you have to personally visit certain instances, you will always be accompanied by our specialist! Save your time and nerves for your business, and SLOYEV will take care of all the formalities!

Turnkey business registration


✔️Registration in the state register

✔️Single tax

✔️Electronic digital signature

✔️Bank account

🛒 from 1500 UAH / 1-2 days

Limited liability company

✔️Constituent documents

✔️Registration in the state register

✔️Registration with regulatory authorities

✔️Bank account

✔️Making a seal

➕VAT registration



🛒 from 2 800 UAH / 2-3 days

Ready-made companies for sale


📎Financial turnover




🛒 from 3 500 UAH / 1-3 days

Business liquidation

The reasons for closing a business can be different - not even list them all. Sometimes a person, having tried his hand at entrepreneurship, realizes that he “does not have a soul” for this very difficult occupation, which has a different purpose in life. Sometimes a firm is closed in order to lay off money and invest it in some other investment project. Also, the most common reason for the liquidation of an enterprise is the departure of its owner from business or departure for permanent residence abroad. Finally, various problems in the work of the company can push the decision to liquidate - and these problems can be of both economic and legal nature. In the end, it is practically important not why the decision to liquidate the company was made, but how it is implemented.

In Ukraine, the main methods for liquidating an enterprise include:

🔶 liquidation of a legal entity by decision of its owner (or termination of activities as an individual entrepreneur if the business was carried out without creating a legal entity);

🔶 liquidation of a company by selling it to a new owner (or owners);

🔶 лliquidation of the company through bankruptcy proceedings. In all these and many cases, the specialists of the law firm SLOYEV will be happy to help you - they will advise, give recommendations and fix all the necessary changes as soon as possible.

Taking legal support for the liquidation of an enterprise, we set ourselves a whole range of tasks. Firstly, it is important to carry out the liquidation so that the owner of the business, if he decided to close it, could easily flip through this page of his life and live on, without fear that sometime in the future, many years later, some then unpleasant surprises. You know, an illiterate liquidation is like an untreated disease: a person thinks that everything is behind him, he even forgot about him, and he suddenly reminds of himself in the most inappropriate. Secondly, we are trying to close the company on the most favorable terms for its owners. If we are talking about a sale, it should be a sale at the highest possible price. If we are talking about bankruptcy or self-liquidation, then it is important to minimize the owner's losses in the form of various fines, debts and costs of the closing procedure itself. Third, closing a business should be done as quickly and painlessly as possible. In business, time is money, so the owner of a closing company should not waste time that he could have spent on implementing a new project.

Our main advice: if you have come to the liquidation of your company, do not take any action without the accompaniment of a lawyer. It is quite possible that in consultation with our law firm SLOYEV you will be offered a solution that you did not even know exists, and you will be able to profitably sell a business that you were just going to close or is on the verge of bankruptcy. There have been such cases in our practice! Trust the experts and the results will surprise you!


from 6 months

  • Price
  • from 2 800 UAH

Limited liability company

from 1 year

  • Price
  • from 16 000 UAH

Limited liability company

1-3 days

  • Price
  • from 22 000 UAH


Changes accompany us throughout our lives. And if your company does not stand still and is developing dynamically, changes cannot be avoided - which means that sooner or later you will face the question of the need to legally consolidate the changes that have occurred.

🔶 Perhaps your company has changed the composition of the founders or there is a need to change the CEO?

🔶 Maybe you decided to change the legal address of your company, change the size of the authorized capital or open a new current account?

🔶 Or are you rebranding and want to give your company a new name to reflect the essence of the changes?

🔶 In the end, maybe your company is planning to change the field of activity or open a new line of business, and for this you need to register the corresponding codes of the classifier of types of economic activities (KVED)?

In all these and many cases, the specialists of the law firm SLOYEV will be happy to help you - they will advise, give recommendations and fix all the necessary changes as soon as possible.

For many years we have been helping businesses to correctly and promptly record all changes in companies in accordance with the procedure established by law. The accumulated experience allows us to advise the client how to make the necessary changes at the lowest cost and avoid pitfalls. So, if a company changes its profile of activities, we will definitely recommend the KVED codes that are most appropriate for the new front of its business activity. If a company changes the composition of its founders or makes changes to its charter, we consider it our duty to analyze the changes used and identify those legal "gaps" that can be used to attack the company - in particular, with the aim of raiding it. It is important that we carry out all the work on making changes as quickly as possible - often the client receives all the necessary documents in his hands within one or two days. If your business is on the verge of change, then it's time for you to turn to competent professional lawyers for help!

SLOYEV specialists are already waiting for you!

Arbitrage practice

Any company from time to time needs legal representation of its interests - whether it be representation in court proceedings, various government authorities, or in negotiations with business partners. Of course, an enterprise can defend its interests on its own, relying on in-house lawyers, if any. However, in practice, not every small and medium-sized company can afford the luxury of hiring a lawyer. Moreover, the mere presence of a lawyer in an organization does not guarantee that its interests will be properly represented and protected. Participation in litigation and negotiations with representatives of government and commercial structures requires a lot of experience and high qualifications from a lawyer, and a specialist of this level is unlikely to go to work in a small company. How to be? There is a way out - just entrust a specialized legal company to represent your interests!

Representation is a complex service that includes many other services: preparation of documents, legal advice, and much more. In fact, within the framework of a representative office, cooperation between a law firm and a client enters a new higher stage, which can significantly increase its efficiency. Yes, you can limit yourself to a simple consultation - and we will professionally explain to the client how he should act, what steps to take. We will explain, but will the client be able to implement our recommendations? More often than not, as life shows, the best recommendations of a lawyer remain recommendations, because the client does not have enough skills, will, and patience to put them into practice. Yes, we can prepare the necessary documents for the client - for example, a draft of some contracts, decisions, orders. But we know that, for example, it is not enough to prepare a draft cooperation agreement - it must be defended in negotiations with counterparties. Again, in practice, clients often lack the skills to negotiate and defend their positions during the discussion. The result is an excellent contract, prepared by lawyers, and remains on paper, it is not possible to conclude it. Representation allows you to solve all these problems. This is a new level of cooperation, when a law firm does not just advise the client, but takes responsibility for the result on itself: it participates in court hearings, participates in negotiations, develops a strategy for achieving goals and implements it itself. At the same time, during cooperation, the company's lawyers prepare all the necessary documents and provide the client with all the necessary consultations. As a result, using the service of representation, the client achieves much greater results than he would have received with a simple consultation.

Perhaps your business finds itself in a situation that seems hopeless to you. Do not rush to give up! Most likely, your case is not at all unique, although it seems to you so. For many years of work, specialists of the law firm SLOYEV have repeatedly faced similar situations and with honor found a way out of them.

We will gladly help you!

For individuals

Family Law When it comes to divorce, division of property, regulation of parental rights, alimony payments, inheritance without the intervention of a family law lawyer, it can be difficult. A family lawyer in Dnipro and throughout Ukraine will ensure high speed and efficiency in resolving legal issues within the family.

Labor law A labor law lawyer comes to the rescue in cases where the rights of an employee or employer, provided for by the Constitution of Ukraine, are violated. Every citizen of our country has the right to safe working conditions and decent wages. But when labor law is violated, you cannot do without the help of a specialist.

Land Law Legal disputes over land law are rarely resolved without professional help. Seeking professional help from a land lawyer in a timely manner will ensure that you comply with your legal rights and applicable laws in any land dispute.

Constitutional law The assistance of a lawyer on constitutional law will be needed in the international court, the Supreme Court, the Prosecutor's Office, in the protection of personal rights and freedoms, in the protection of electoral rights. Our team of lawyers has many years of experience in the constitutional legal field. If you want to use the services of a qualified constitutional lawyer, we will be happy to help you!

Development of documents

In a modern state, the economic activity of an enterprise implies the presence of many legal documents that set the legal framework for this activity - from constituent documents to various internal corporate regulations, regulations and instructions. In addition, in the course of the company's work, it is periodically necessary to prepare orders for the enterprise, minutes of the meeting of shareholders, commercial contracts, contracts and agreements, official letters, clarifications and statements of claim.

😡 "Bureaucracy!" - one will be indignant.

😡 "Waste of time," adds another.

Almost everyone thinks so, until one not very fine day they have to face the sad consequences of carelessly prepared documents. In Ukraine, the main methods for liquidating an enterprise include:

⛔️ A carelessly drawn up charter turns into a raider seizure of the enterprise.

⛔️ Hastily prepared job descriptions lead to conflicts and litigation with employees, fines from the control authorities and the periodic emergence of problem situations in which “no one is to blame” and for which “no one is responsible”.

⛔️ A legally illiterate statement of claim ends in defeat in a lawsuit.

⛔️ An unprofessional contract damages the company, if not puts it on the brink of destruction.

In all these and many cases, the specialists of the law firm SLOYEV will be happy to help you - they will advise, give recommendations and fix all the necessary changes as soon as possible.

Large companies must have lawyers on their staff and even form entire legal departments. In this case, this is a completely logical decision. But when medium-sized businesses also follow this path, this approach often does not justify itself. A full-time lawyer is an expensive pleasure: in addition to salary and taxes for an employee, you will have to spend money on renting a workplace, purchasing office equipment and stationery. Moreover, you will have to pay a salary in any case - and when your lawyer is sick, and when he just gets bored at his workplace, it is no secret that in a small company it is difficult to load him full-time. In addition, medium-sized businesses cannot afford highly paid professionals, so they usually have to hire employees whose knowledge and experience in jurisprudence leaves much to be desired. The results of the work of such specialists are such that they did not work better at all. In my opinion, for small and medium-sized enterprises, where the scope of legal work is limited, the best option is outsourcing legal services, when the development and preparation of documentation is entrusted to a law firm - like SLOYEV. First, in this case, you pay only for the actual amount of work, and not for the staffing unit. Secondly, the qualifications of our company's specialists are certainly much higher than that of yesterday's C-grade student, whom you have to keep on the staff because of his low salary claims. Thirdly, SLOYEV cannot get sick, get depressed or go on vacation! If you need to prepare any legal documents for your company - we are waiting for you with us at SLOYEV! We guarantee quality and speed! if you have come to a decision to liquidate your company, do not take any action without the accompaniment of a lawyer. It is quite possible that in consultation with our law firm SLOYEV you will be offered a solution that you did not even know about, and you will be able to profitably sell a business that you were just going to close or is on the verge of bankruptcy. There have been such cases in our practice!

Trust the experts and the results will surprise you!

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